Wood Working Adhesives

XPERT SH is a ready to use, premium quality water based adhesive Joining wood to wood, ply to wood, decorative laminates, furniture manufacturing and bonding particle board etc.

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Lamination Adhesives

A High tack product for laminating PVC Films with craft Paper.

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Fabric Glue

Fabric Glue - No Stitch Fabric Glue / Emulsion is a substitute to stitching in several fields. For sticking and bonding beads, applique, ribbon, sequence, lace, foil, glitter dust, mirror works, cards and seams to fabric of various types.

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Blister Film


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Rakhi Adhesive

To paste stones & other materials to manufacturer Rakhi.

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Book Binding

It is used in Notebook Manufacturing, Office files, Diwali (Canvas) books, Registers, Diaries, Craft Paper bag, Paper Tubes and Cones, Sweet Boxes, Endless paper applications and different types of binding works.

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K. K. Group is one of the most renowned and trustworthy Manufacturers, Importers & Exporters in Print Lamination Industry, Textile Printing & Finishing, Textile Chemicals & Auxiliaries, Wood Working Adhesives, Synthetic Resin Emulsion & Adhesives used in Paint and Construction Industry.

We, K. K. Group witness continuous development in the Industry segments as noted above, so it has become mandatory to have a perfect blend of Distribution- Manufacturing Organizations for innovative products, development at an economical rate with an eye on superior customized quality.

We have a wide range of products to meet the needs of Printing & Packaging Industry, Confectionery Industry, Textile Industry, Construction Industry, Wood Working Industry, Stock Labels, Art & Craft etc.

Why Choose Us?

  • 1. Passion for customer care and growth
  • 2. Continuous Improvement in quality and technology
  • 3. One stop Solution for wide range of Print Lamination products
  • 4. Speciality products for industry specific need
  • 5. Excellent infrastructure
  • 6. Prompt Delivery
  • 7. Cost efficient products
  • 8. Value Added Service

Our Skills

Rigid & Soft PVC Films
Textile Printing & Finishing
Textile Chemicals & Auxiliaries
Wood Working Adhesives
Lime Binder
Lamination Adhesives
Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Side Pasting Adhesives
Fabric Glue
Table Gum
Art & Craft Adhesives
Rakhi Adhesive
Bindi Adhesive
Book Binding
Blister Film
PVC Compound
Toffee Wrapper
Photo Album

PVC Resin

BOPP Films
Polyester Films
Holographic Films
Metalised Films
Thermal Films
Aqua Varnish
U.V. Varnish
Spot U.V. Varnish
Hot melt Adhesives
Perfect Binding


“To manufacture superior quality and cost efficient products and ensure prompt delivery.”

Our Upcomming Projects

Paints & Coatings

K.K.Group intends to manufacture the perfect colours, highly quality paints, coatings and primers, suitable for all surfaces and complying with the most stringent regulations.
* Decorative
* Industrial
*Wood Finish
Wall Putty
Cement Primer
Interior and exterior paints
Primers and foundations
Interior walls and ceiling paints
Cement mixture additive

Construction Industry

Ceramic / Vitrified Tile Adhesives
Vinyl Flooring Adhesives
Wooden Flooring Adhesives
Anti-Static Flooring Adhesives
Carpet / Linoleum Flooring Adhesives
Wall Paper Adhesive
Floor Polish for Flooring

For Printing & Packaging Industry

Aqueous & U.V. Curable Over Print Mediums
Blister Coating Mediums
Food Grade Adhesives


Rubber Adhesives
PU Based Adhesives
Epoxy Resin